Coronavirus information and office updates

As the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic unfolds, our office wants to make sure you know that we are taking significant precautions to keep you safe while visiting our office for urgent ENT problems.  While many aspects of our lives are disrupted or put on hold, patients still have medical problems that need to be addressed.  This can be done safely but aggressive precautions must be taken.  Our practice has several options....1) patients taken directly to room upon check-in bypassing waits in the reception area, 2) TELEVISITS (clicke here for instructions), 3) drive-by visit for selected patients (seen outside the office). 

Our office will continue normal office hours and will continue to schedule selected appointments.  

Precautions taken to ensure our patients safety are as follows:

1. Before scheduling an appointment, our office screens patients for recent travel that may have increased exposure to COVID-19.  Certain patients will be directed to the hospital emergency room for urgent/emergency needs where testing is available.  Our office is not equipped to test for or treat COVID-19 related symptoms.

2. If you have tested positive for Coronavirus or have been exposed to someone with Coronavirus, our office will follow CDC guidelines on quarantine and will not schedule visits until cleared.  Emergent needs will be directed to the hospital ER.

3. Given that even asymptomatic persons may have Coronavirus, our office will follow universal precautions....


- No family members or other visitors are allowed at the visit, unless the patient is a minor.

- Please call our office upon arrival.  Wait in your vehicle until we call you to bring you into the office for the visit. 

- Upon arrival in the office, a "limited contact" approach will be used at check-in.   Any patients with a cough (less than one month) or a fever will be rescheduled.  

- Patients will be brought immediately to a "sterilized" exam room.  This means after each patient, surfaces including floors will be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant wipes and sprayed with anti-viral disinfectant spray.  Instruments will continue to be meticulously sterilized according to medical guidelines for sterilization.

- each exam room has an UV-C HEPA filter device, utilizing ultraviolet light to kill airborne viruses.  

- ventilation vents will be closed to exam rooms to prevent potential virus spread through vents.

- our Practice offers telehealth visits to select patients who do not require an in-person exam.   Telehealth visits do have a visit fee for the Provider's time.  Please refer to your insurance plan or website for your specific copay or televisit fee.  

- providers and staff will avoid shaking hands, will follow CDC guidelines on hand washing and wearing masks, and will self-quarantine if symptoms develop and Coronavirus testing is positive.  

Please rest assured that with the extraordinary efforts our office is taking and universal coronavirus precautions will help protect you and our staff at the time of your visit.  

Additional information may be found on the CDC or WHO websites.